Every year we organize our breakfast meeting in Frankfurt in the spring. Please send us a message if you would like to be invited.

2018: 19th Breakfast-Meeting

This year, the management consultancy PaySys celebrated its 25th anniversary. As the keynote speaker of our breakfast event, we have therefore invited Peter Jones, a longtime fellow from our EPCA-member in Great Britian. Peter Jones is the founder (1991) and Senior Managing Director of Payment Systems Europe (PSE Consulting), and well-known as a keynote speaker at payment conventions. The title of his presentation was:„Card business: is the end near?

2017: 18th Breakfast-Meeting

Will domestic card systems be able to maintain as third option in the „American“ duopoly in Europe?
This question was often asked after the failure of approaches to a European card system and after some national systems surrendered prematurely (?)
As speaker, we had Emmanuel Caron, CEO of our French EPCA member Galitt Payment Consulting. The topic of his speech was:
„Domestic Card Schemes in Europe, challenges, risks, opportunities

 2016: 17th Breakfast-Meeting
The „War on Cash“ of the international mapping systems, which has not yet been very successful, has been supported by policy makers (planned abolition of the € 500 banknote, limits on cash payments, etc.) and some monetary experts (negative interest). The topic has now definitely reached the public. Our lecturer of the 17th Breakfast-Meeting (May 2016) Prof. Dr. Malte Krüger (Fachhochschule Aschaffenburg) has been concerned with the competition between cash and non-cash payment instruments for many years. The theme of his lecture was:
„Cold facts about the hot cash debate“ – Is everything already said? 

2015: 16th Breakfast-Meeting
Virtual currencies like Bitcoin shake the foundations of our monetary system. Complementary currencies are not a new phenomenon, but Bitcoin inspires the imagination, as it does not fit as a virtual, worldwide usable online currency in any existing drawer. This year’s speaker was Mr. John Matonis, founder an director of the Bitcoin Foundation. His speech was:
„Bitcoin: The Appeal of a Nonpolitical Monetary Unit„.

 2014: 15th Breakkfast-Meeting
Since the publication of the binding recommendations of the European Central Bank for security of payments in the internet (SecuRe Pay) in January 2013, there is a lively debate concerning the method of how to realise the occurring business policy consequences. As referee we had invited Dirk Schrade, who represents the Bundesbank in the „Zahlungsverkehrskomitee des Europäischen Systems der Zentralbanken (ESZB). Topic of his speech was:
„SecuRe Pay: pracitcal effect on internet payment business“ .

 2013: 14th Breakfast-Meeting
We invited an important mastermind of the Green Paper and the resulting regulations: Jean Allix, who is Principal Administrator (Unit D1 Antitrust Payment Systems) and who had a major role in the Green Paper. Topic of his speech was: „New regulatory initiaitives from the European Commission?“

2012: 13th Breakfast-Meeting
In payment business and in particular in card business the German legislation has changed significantly in the recent years. Christian Walz’s (partner of the law firm Aderhold mbH in Munich) lecture was titled
„Alles klar? Die aktuelle Bafin-Praxis zum Zahlungsverkehr“ (Everything clear? The current banking supervision authority-practice in payment business).

2011: 12th Breakfast-Meeting
Despite optimistic prognoses, the development of prepaid credit cards in Germany is still reluctant, unlike in Italy, where prepaid is booming since years. Renato Giacobbo Scavo, Executive Manager of our Italian EPCA-member Qualitekna, was guest speaker with the topic „
Prepaid cards market: Evolution and Innovation – the Italian case„.

2010: 11th Breakfast-Meeting
After a complaint by retailers in 2006, the Federal Cartel Office is now investigating the multi-lateral interchange agreements of MasterCard and Visa. Furthermore, the Federal Cartel Office is also investigating with regard to the development of ATM fees and the resulting conflict within the German banking sector. For this reason we had invited the chairwoman of the 4th Decision Division of the Federal Cartel Office, Ms Silke Hossenfelder, as speaker on our event. The topic of her speech was „current antitrust issues in card business“.

2009: 10th Breakfast-Meeting
With only a few months to go until the new payment directive of the EU will be implemented, Mr. Hartmut Reschke, Executive of the department „Integrity of the Financial System“ (Integrität des Finanzsystems) of the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin), commented on the new Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz (ZAG). The audience had many questions regarding the new law and Mr. Reschke could resolve many open issues. Thus, he fulfilled the high expectations of the approx. 60 invited guests. 

2008: 9th Breakfast-Meeting
We invited Mr. Edwin Latter of „Link Scheme“, an expert in the British ATM market. The topic of his presentation was: „The evolving SEPA ATM model: Lessons from the UK“ .

2007: 8th Breakfast-Meeting:
Only two days before, the European Parliament passed a directive on payment services in the internal market (PSD). As our speaker, Mr. Michael Findeisen, Head of Division of the Ministry of Finance, was directly involved in this decision, he was able to give first hand information and to answer lots of questions.
More information about his speech.

2006: 7th Breakfast-Meeting
The meeting was very well attended and offered the audience a possibility to learn more about the French card market. In his presentation „
The Road to SEPA“, David Stephenson, Head of International Relations der Groupement des Cartes Bancaires, provided an overview of the role of Cartes Bancaires and discussed the current state of debate about SEPA in France. The interesting presentation gave rise to an intensive discussion of the views on SEPA in Germany and France.

2005: 6th Breakfast-Meeting
Once again, regulation was the key topic. Henning M. Jensen, Senior Partner of PlusCon (Copenhagen) – a member of the European Payments Consulting Association EPCA – presented „
Actual Developments in the Danish Debit Card Market“. The highly interesting and entertaining presentation highlighted how fast payment issues can become political issues. The Danish example shows how difficult it is for banks to defend their interests once payments have been politicised.

2004: 5th Breakfast-Meeting
Given the continuing regulatory activities of national administrations and the EU-Commission, it is not surprising that the key note dealt, one again, with payment regulation. Guest-Speaker Dr. Pascale-Marie Brien (Fidelis Payments System Consulting) spoke about the regulation of multilateral interchange fees within Europe (“
Interchange fees, Fear or Confidence ?”) – currently one of the most important topics for the card industry. Following the presentation there was a lively debate. As in the years before, the Breakfast-Meeting was well attended.

2003: 4th Breakfast Meeting
It also provided an opportunity to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of PaySys Consultancy GmbH. Managing director Hugo Godschalk used the occasion to thank the large number of clients that were present at the breakfast meeting and to present them with a bottle of PaySys wine. The speaker of the day was the ECB’s Johannes Priesemann, Head of the Payment Systems Policy Division. Mr. Priesemann spoke about “
The SEPA framework and its implications for retail and card payments – A Central Bank perspective ”. In his presentation, he gave an overview of the ECB’s responsibilities in the area of retail payments and outlined a vision of a EU payment system in which national borders would no longer matter. Once again, with about 50 participants from the payment industry, the Breakfast Meeting was well attended.

2002: 3rd Breakfast-Meeting
Key Note Speaker was Dr. Markus Escher of the lawyer’s office Gassner Stockmann & Kollegen. Dr. Escher spoke about the consequences of the 4. Finanzmarktförderungsgesetzes for credit card companies and e-payment providers. („
E-Geld, Kreditkarten und innovative Zahlungssysteme im 4. Finanzmarktförderungsgesetz.“) He pointed out that the new law implied far-reaching changes in the regulatory environment governing payments. Dr. Escher emphasised the need – especially for non-banks – to adapt to the new situation. The fact that this year’s Breakfast Meeting saw about 50 participants is evidence of the importance of the subject addressed by Dr. Escher.

2001: 2nd Breakfast-Meeting
Key Note Speaker was Mr. Jens Lindboe-Larsen. Mr. Larsen is the managing director of PlusCON Aps – the Danish PaySys partner. In his speech on Payment Systems for M-Commerce Mr. Larsen focused on the question how m-commerce might affect the traditional card business. The speech was attended by about 40 representatives of German issuers, acquirers, processors, card scheme companies, bank associations, e/m-payments providers, etc. followed by an intensive discussion.

2000: 1st Breakfast-Meeting
While enjoying a well prepared breakfast, there was the opportunity to exchange business ideas between participants in the card business.The Key Note Speaker was our English partner, Mr. Peter Jones from Payment Systems Europe, who gave a speech on Cross Border Acquiring, merchant requirements, key market entry constraints, strategic market options etc. The speech was followed by an intensive discussion. 40 participants from German issuers, acquirers, processors, card scheme companies, bank associations etc. helped to make the event a big success.