Main types of services:

  • Strategic analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Market studies
  • Business case calculations
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Empirical market analysis
  • Marketing consulting
  • Organisational and IT consulting
  • Project management
  • Expertise on payment regulation
  • Legal expertise (together with lawyers)
  • Workshops
  • Recruitment support

A selection of current projects and studies:

Credit-/debit card issuing

  • Benchmarking analysis: profitability of credit card issuing
  • Market study: Swiss debit and credit card market
  • Analysis: ec-card versus Electron-card
  • Market analysis: cross-border issuing corporate cards
  • Market analysis: scoring for direct debit schemes
  • Business case for customer cards
  • Interchange from a regulatory and business point of view
  • Market- and business case study: credit card „double“ (Visa plus EP/MC)
  • Analysis of the costs of debit card payments (prepared for the German banking sector)
  • Overview of currency conversion fees for credit card transactions
  • Cost-benefit analysis for an average credit card
  • Market- and feasibility study: rebates and bonuses related to credit card turnover
  • Market segmentation and profitability of card based payment systems

Credit/debit card processing

  • Analysis of Switch and Cartes Bancaires
  • Market study: credit card processing Germany
  • Support for the re-organisation of credit card processing
  • Market analysis: bank card processing in Europe
  • Feasibility study: debit card processing
  • Country report: inhouse processing vs. outsourcing of card processing in Europe
  • Evaluation of processing offers for issuers
  • Profitability study: processing (Visa versus Eurocard)
  • Price-performance comparison of third party processors
  • Supporting the choice of card management system
  • Benchmarking analysis for card processing


  • Business analysis of interchange determination
  • Support of retailer who wants to accept card payments (choice of terminal, polling agent, etc.)
  • Market study: acquiring in Germany
  • Global credit card acquiring
  • Feasibility study: credit card acquiring
  • Market study: new positioning of acquiring business
  • Market study: electronic cash/POZ/ELV


  • Evaluation of processing offers for acquirers
  • Market study: multi-currency acquiring processing
  • European benchmarking: third party processing

Payment and clearing systems of non-banks

  • Market analysis: customer cards in Germany
  • Customer cards, city cards and customer clubs in the retail sector
  • Market analysis: innovative clearing system, local currencies (barter clubs)
  • Handbook: LETSystems and barter clubs
  • Legal feasibility of multi-merchant bonus systems

Chip cards and electronic purses

  • Market analysis: chip cards in the German banking market
  • Analysis of e-purse regulations of the German banking associatons
  • GeldKarte vs. P-Card from a retailer’s point of view
  • Country study: chip cards in Germany

Internet, E/M-Payments and Online-Banking

  • Analysis of the implementation of the E-Money Directive
  • Payment methods for internet auctions
  • Market analysis: PayPal in Germany
  • Analysis: Micropayments in the Internet
  • Legal and political rules and regulations regarding micropayments
  • Market analysis use of GeldKarte in the Internet for payment and load functions
  • Merchant business in the Internet
  • Market analysis Online banking of German „Direktbanken“

Expertise: digitalisation as a challenge for the current monetary order